DARK Sounds goes live

So I have been searching for a community of like-minded producers and it’s not been an easy task. Having produced dark genres of music for many years, I decided to create my own.

As a result, I am pleased to announce that http://www.darksounds.org has been launched.

DARK Sounds, is a pet project that I have decided to fund and get off the ground. A community forum for lovers and creators of DARK MUSIC and all of its sub-genres.

Please accept my personal invitation to join, it’s free and simple to use.. Having launched a week ago, we have already seen random users appear across the board. We just need that critical mass and for people to get involved for it to take off..

So please, if you are into our type of music, dark: ambient, drone, glitch, tech, house, drum and bass, etc this is defiantly something we can build together..

FIngers crossed, it takes off.


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